Roberto Sanesi: “Contemplazioni”

To observe these most recent works by Bruto Pomodoro -although perhaps one ought to say ‘to contemplate’, taking up the author’s own standpoint – seems to impose a reasoning regarding the symmetries of representation which is visually given by way of opposites. As if the aim, for example, were that of ‘advancing’ by’ way of variations of images which ought to present themselves as being unvarying while instead – and this is the point – they are placed in a critical position by the symbolic use that is made of them.

Alberto Fiz: “Secrets”

Insane splinters of an incomprehensible reality. Whatever the opinions may be about art today a difficulty emerges when one tries to comprehend what is the right thing to do. Genres, styles, tenendencies and movements no longer exist,the enthusiasm for new media and technology has subsided, and everything seems to wander desperately between Existence and Nothingness. Contemporary art reflects the visible, but no longer chases the invisible, having lost that component of utopic pursuit that made it exclusive.

Francesca Della Monica: “The Archetype Journey”

There are forms of art which do not speak by emotions and involuntarily hide the poetic conception they stem from. Much like a withdrawn man who dislikes talking about himself, shuns all forms of aesthetic indulgence and concentrates on the meaning of his journey.

Martina Corgnati: “A priori and Gradations”

All originates from the matrix, the code. The code is a set of information, whose arrangement in the three dimensions, gives rise to a form. The code tends to be symmetrical, but this symmetry is not to be intended as a merely mechanical necessary doubling. Symmetry is interweaving, joining, is an active and activating principle.

Rossana Bossaglia: ” When thought becomes images”

I have always believed in the intimate connection of the relations between art and science, for intuition is an essential quality in both areas of research; and between art and mathematics, for when intuition translates into image and becomes schematised in geometrical forms, the creator of the formulas meant to represent the relationship between structures and dimensions possesses a creative and communicative ability.