Francesca Della Monica: “The Archetype Journey”

There are forms of art which do not speak by emotions and involuntarily hide the poetic conception they stem from. Much like a withdrawn man who dislikes talking about himself, shuns all forms of aesthetic indulgence and concentrates on the meaning of his journey.

First a biologist, then a scientific designer, Pomodoro transposes in his paintings a “concretism” achieved through the construction of an essential balance between content and form. Geometry and art combine as the result of an unusual alchemy, where exactness joins with the strength of the colours and the mathematics of space marries with the transliteration of forms. At the heart of this pondering we find the archetype: the primordial symbol of life and the ancestral origin of man.

The works of Bruto Pomodoro are silent spaces inhabited by composite forms of lines and colour, arranged with precision and lucidity, which are there to support and complete the archetypal figure, the focus of every art meditation. Squares evolve into sometimes centripetal and sometimes centrifugal motifs, expressing the dynamism of movement which is intrinsic to change.
The egg, or its contents, is the reassuring presence, omen of events and hopes; offspring of the archetype and origin of it, locus of the genetic material and vital expression of it. Two subjects, then, converse, the one alluding to the other, in a game hinting at an idea of man to be explored, at an undefined time when past and future coincide and overlap in an anthropological synthesis which only symbols and lines can express.

This is what narrative abstraction is. The artist narrates the never ending, morphological potential of life through elementary forms which are not meant to provide any answer or truth, but merely hint at a notion of a constantly evolving existence, in its earthly matrix and in the spiritual essence it holds. Frames and sections are an integral part of the semantic value of each work; they divide but are not cages; they define the stories that the space expresses and offer as an anchorage to secure certainties in a constantly changing atmosphere. The archetype reveals through squares, circles, rectangles; the almost rarefied space marks the limits and underlines the nature of its subjects, beating out the time of an enigmatic tale. Different and distinct voices speak the language of lines and circles in a concert of two-colour, daring geometrical shapes which, in unison, turn into lyrical compositions.

The art of Bruto Pomodoro is a magical encounter between science and art, it is a poetic expression of the common origin of each living being. Art hides behind every terrestrial form. Art is mystery, hiatus, miracle; and nature, condensed by the artist in the definitive expression of the archetype, which is the synthesis of the infinite phenomenological variety of existence, is the coffer where the infinite is kept.

The direct opposite of Action Painting, where the spontaneous and non – thought “act” leads and creates, Pomodoro’s art excludes improvisation and every choice is the result of a thorough study of codes and languages, of a meditative observation of the reality and the evolution of nature.

Francesca Della Monica

From the catalogue “Percorsi d’Arte 2004”, MindShare